From the recording Red Sky Remembers

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Me And The Drummer

I was just tryin’ to lock to the drummer
He wasn’t playin’ his usual beat
He looked like he walked through the desert
Keepin’ time with blisters on his feet
And I said, “Hey, man, let’s get it together
Soon the bride will want to dance
Tonight they start the rest of their lives
And they only get this chance ”
Ah… Ah…

There’s a crystal chandelier above me
And the lights, now, simmerin’ low
Her daddy extended his weathered hand,
He said, “Honey, let’s dance this one real slow ”
I looked for my signal from the drummer
When I saw the tears fallin’ from his face
I knew he had lost his daughter
And he couldn’t play “Beautiful” with grace Ah… Ah…

There’s something about the joy of another
Will bring up the tears swellin’ from the well
Your mind will travel the lonesome miles
To a memory achin’ for to tell
“Look at my hands”, I told the drummer
“My bass will guide you to the mark
And after this set is over
We’ll raise a toast to Nikki in the bar ”
Ah… Ah…

Soon the last song they’ll be dancin’
And the newlyweds will leave arm and arm
This night they’ll always remember
And our playin’ played a little part
“Thanks for the rescue ” said the drummer
“I don’t know what came over me
I thought I had it together
When the sorrow came floodin’ over me ”
Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah…

There’s music in the soul of an artist
And a sculptor sees beauty in a stone
The angel’s gifts are nameless,
For they’ll never want you to walk alone
“Look at the sky ”, said the drummer
“Do you think she’s watchin’ from afar?”
Just when a plane flew over
With a beacon brighter than a star
Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah…

Words and Music by Gary Browe
© 2019 Gary Browe, All Rights Reserved

Gary Browe – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Donn Deniston – Drums
Beverly Meyer - Harmony Vocal
David Roof –Bass & Piano